In part 2 of the coding guide for beginners, Chistophe Verdot provided comprehensive instructions on establishing a user page of the COVID-19 tracker. Further developments will focus on creating an admin panel for data management in the app.You can already find the instructions in Part 3.
The COVID19 tracker, created in a series of tutorials by Christophe Verdot, is just one step away from becoming operational. Part 4 highlights the process of writing and deploying a smart contract for the app. P.S. If any question related to coding come up, our community is ready to help in the official Waves Developers Telegram group.
Developing decentralized applications in the Ride programming language isn’t always a cakewalk. How can we avoid the most common mistakes when developing dApps for Web 3.0? Learn more in this article by Inal Kardanov, developer advocate:

Reminder⏰🗓: The Odyssey's Building Block Session with Waves is kicking off in 2 hours. During the session, we'll observe the Waves technology in detail and discuss our latest releases. The session is publicly available here.

How can we resolve the issue of supplying real-world data to the blockchain? Introducing Oraculus... a smart contract for creating decentralized oracles. Check out this article by Waves developer advocate Inal Kardanov to find out more:
Waves Signer serves as a user-friendly tool for effective interaction between different solutions in the Waves ecosystem. You can find out how it works here.
Node update 1.2.5 contains several major improvements, including the ECDSA signature validation algorithm, new methods for working with lists and the sponsored asset setting function in the Ride programming language.For more details see this post on our blog:
Participants in OpenHack 2020 Australia hackathon proposed solutions for real-world problems, such as curbing the coronavirus pandemic, based on the Waves protocol. To learn more, read this article by Vladimir Zhuravlev, Waves developer advocate and hackathon jury member 👉
Waves Enterprise has launched a blockchain service that will help make digital voting processes transparent and user-friendly, while also ensuring confidentiality. Learn more about the system and its advantages on our blog.
How to contribute to the motivation and engagement of your company's staff using tokenization? See how this could be done thanks to Billy – a tool built on the Waves blockchain to reward team members in a non-financial way. Credits to Inal Kardanov!Read the article about Billy here 👉
Something very cool is being prepared for Ride, Waves’ programming language for smart contracts. It’s possible to execute scripts of unlimited complexity, without worrying about gas limit. To find out more, read this article by Head of Ride Development Ilya Smagin 👉
Friends, Waves Enterprise mainnet was launched a year ago. We have been working hard on its development for a whole year, and today we would like to share the results. And, of course, to congratulate all involved!More details
Developers can find excuses for the shortcomings of blockchain technology. Ilya Smagin, Head of Ride Development, doesn't leave any room for them and explains why such restrictions can become solutions on the Waves blockchain.
Introducing the next example of a smart contract in the Ride programming language, a decentralized app called Billy. Read this article for more info by Inal Kardanov, Waves developer advocate:
It's the right time to kick-start a revolution in the blockchain industry, as today sees the launch of Gravity's whitepaper. This is a long-awaited solution to unite all the existing blockchains and the outside world, built on the Waves protocol. You can discover more here:
How does Gravity, the new solution for blockchain interoperability and external data provision, operate? What monetization mechanics does it involve? Find all the answers in Sasha's latest article 👉
Hey friends! In case you missed it, Gravity's website is live. There you can learn more about the truly blockchain-agnostic oracle network and become the part of Gravity's community.
In his article, Inal Kardanov, Waves developer advocate, shares major insights about blockchain and development of decentralized applications (dApps). Read the article on our blog:
Tomorrow, June 23, Neutrino's team is co-hosting an AMA session with KuCoin. Get your questions prepared!Venue: ➡️ ⏰ 5:00-6:00 PM (UTC+8)Rewards for participants:🏆 2,000 $USDN
In case you missed Neutrino's AMA with KuCoin, don't worry, here's the full transcript for you👇
Guess you heard about SIGN Art, a digital art gallery built on the Waves protocol. Thanks to blockchain technology it helps to tackle the issues of proving and transferring ownership of digital data. Find out more
DeFi is all the rage now! Neutrino Protocol aims to take part in the upcoming financial revolution and the article below is an introduction to the stablecoin deployed on the Waves protocol.
Today, numerous blockchains offer wide opportunities for various groups of people. However, developers and users of the blockchain face the fact that these different blockchains are not compatible. Let's see how major players in the blockchain space approach this problem.Read the full article
Dear friends, the general meeting with the Waves Association's members starts at 5:00 PM (CET)! Watch it live here ➡️
Today, we announce our strategic partnership with Band Protocol, a cross-chain data oracle platform that aggregates and connects real-world data and APIs to smart contracts. Both teams have completed the integration of Band Protocol’s decentralized and customizable oracles for various DeFi and Web 3.0 applications in the Waves ecosystem. Look out for more joint initiatives in the coming weeks!More details
Participants in the Waves Association's general meeting, held on July 7, made several major decisions facilitating its efficient operation in the future. A lot of exciting and interesting work lies ahead!Find out more
In his article, Vladimir Zhuravlev, Waves developer advocate, discusses how fundamental blockchain principles, such as transparency and democracy, are applied in practice in the development and activation process of the Waves node.Read the article on our blog: