We are thrilled to be working with the DoD. They are a key community driving force & with their extra added kick you know it will be a fun evening! Here’s a reminder why they decided to support the event: https://medium.com/ethberlin/all-we-want-for-christmas-is-a-waves-dod-party-9abc8356048b
Odyssey announces the challenges for the upcoming Odyssey Hackathon 2020. As usual, the 20 challenges will cover some of the most pressing and relevant issues facing the world, from healthcare to public safety and security. We’ll reveal our building blocks, which will help participants solve one of the challenges, at Odyssey Connect – to be held on 4-5 February 2020. Find out more: http://amp.gs/ilVi
DEXs might face tough times, but hybrid exchanges won't.https://cointelegraph.com/news/cryptobridge-closes-down-and-waves-relaunches-dexs-face-tough-times

After the recent Waves Enterprise 1.0 launch and integrated authorization services, the links to the address with locked WEST tokens and contract script have been updated. To access these links, please log into Waves Enterprise Client.

Hey friends! This Saturday, starting at 8am, Waves will be teaching a 5-hour developer workshop in Lagos, Nigeria. This learning session is focused on coding smart contracts and #dApps, so bring your laptops! Join us here: bit.ly/2XLhTpV
Waves Enterprise’s solution for automatic recording of electricity consumption and paying bills was among the final prototypes in a pilot project launched by major Russian grid company Rosseti. Read more on our blog.
At Waves Community Meetup in Berlin on December 11, we presented a new solution that will enable communication between any existing blockchains and dApps. Learn how Gravity Hub can resolve the issues of interoperability and obtaining real-world data: http://amp.gs/ih3I

We've just announced the winners of our Twitter giveaway! Check this tweet to see if your name is on the list. Look out for our next competition coming soon!

🎄🎁Merry Christmas to all the Waves Community🎁🎄To keep the festive mood rolling, we're running our Christmas Giveaway on Twitter! To enter: 1. RT the giveaway post in Twitter.2. Print out or paint a Waves logo🔷, put it on your Christmas tree, take a photo of it and add as a comment + #Waves2020 hashtag.5 lucky winners will receive 100 WAVES each + Waves-branded gifts! Stay tuned for the announcement on December 29!
In case you missed our Christmas meetup in Berlin, head over to our Youtube to see the speakers' keynotes. Learn more on the updates for the Waves Ecosystem in 2020 and get insights into the future of blockchain industry!Watch the videos here.
Version 1.1.0 of the Waves Enterprise platform sees major improvements in several different areas - from managing a user’s addresses to the cryptographic protection level. Read about the specifics of the update on our blog.
On December 17, we held Waves Enterprise Conference - a major event focused on blockchain use cases in the corporate environment and the prospects for the technology. Check out the use cases and ideas discussed at the conference on our blog.
Waves.Exchange has ambitious plans for next year, aiming to boost user numbers and liquidity and make its tools more user-friendly. Learn more about what to expect in 2020 in this blog post.