DappRadar speak to Waves Head of Marketing about the last 12 months in development and what the future holds for the platform.https://dappradar.com/blog/qa-waves-network/
2019 Dapp Market Report featuring Waves as a DeFi-friendly blockchainhttps://dapp.review/article/238
In 2019, Waves launched Waves Enterprise and the Ride programming language. December 2 marked the launch day of Waves.Exchange.We have collected together all the most significant releases and updates from last year. Find out how the company made strides ahead in 2019💪
Waves has been ranked among the Top-5 staking networks by a market cap.https://news.bitcoin.com/everybodys-staking-but-whos-using-proof-of-stake-blockchains/

4 days to go till the Waves Association launched! If you're interested to take a key role in developing Waves ecosystem and witness the dawning of a new era of the Waves technology, welcome to attend the launch event! Apply for your participation here: wavesevents.org

Waves.Exchange has launched decentralized staking, facilitating both greater security and users’ total control over their funds. Find out how to earn up to 30% a year from staking your WAVES or USDN.
We are pleased to introduce the Waves Association – a non-profit organization established in Frankfurt, Germany. The Association will be in charge of Waves Ecosystem development. Members will vote on key development priorities and decisions in a decentralized, community-driven way. Read more: http://amp.gs/uvLW
We held a competition to thank MRT holders and say goodbye to the token. 70,000 WAVES were distributed to the winners! It’s time to publish the results and see what happened! Find out who won: http://amp.gs/uOqd
$WAVES has gained considerable volume and value following the launch of a new decentralized staking interface on Waves.Exchange.https://decrypt.co/18917/waves-price-triples-in-value-in-just-three-months
Users who want to buy crypto for fiat on Waves.Exchange now have a convenient way to do it, thanks to our new gateway, run in partnership with Advcash. In other good news, conversion fees card purchases will be 0% for the initial period. Learn more 🎉
We hope that Inal's speech at Odyssey Connect will inspire you to participate in this year's Odyssey Hackathon.Watch his full presentation about the Waves technology and the experience while building solutions around the hackathon challenges.
This article is written for developers or anyone who wants to use blockchain benefits on their application. Vladimir Zhuravlev, Waves developer advocate, explains the process of developing an app on the Waves blockchain. Spoiler: it’s simple and fast 👉 http://amp.gs/uoJI
Want to make life easier for Waves dApp users? It's really simple! All the tools you need are already built into the protocol, so all you need to do is learn to use them. Inal Kardanov, Waves' Developer Advocate, has published a detailed guide to lowering the barrier for users of a dApp. Find out more: http://amp.gs/JY8e
TVL for Neutrino is almost $4 million after several weeks of operation. It’s growing fast, and the more WAVES are locked to generate USDN, the more net demand there will be on the market.https://cryptoinferno.org/news/five-undervalued-crypto-coins/
Launched barely one month ago, $USDN now has more than $3.2 million staked as it delivers a staking reward of about 8.9% per annum.https://finance.yahoo.com/news/stablecoins-evolving-crypto-assets-irresistible-155138297.html?guccounter=1
As the Waves ecosystem continues to grow and improve user experience, we are launching Waves Signer. Thanks to this functionality, Waves dApps can be accessed conveniently across all platforms and devices! Find out more: http://amp.gs/JvBs
Waves Platform has benefited from additions such as Dollar Neutrino $USDN, an algorithmically stable USD-pegged asset that has a wealth of applications for DeFi dApps.https://www.ibtimes.com/blockchain-projects-companies-you-need-watch-2020-2932457