Time codes: 00:00 GENESIS (private life)02:00 First wave (public life begins)03:17 Second wave (Waves DEX goes live)03:33 Reset all leases @ 46200006:00 Waves NG @ 80500007:37 Unexpected fork @ 2018.06.1108:05 Fair PoS @ 110000008:39 Community Nodes Program @ 2018.09.20

The fact is most people have no idea what WEB3 (aka WEB 3.0) is. But we don’t want anybody to remain in ignorance, so here’s an explanation from Sasha Ivanov. It’s worth reading.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sI66hcu9fIs Happy New Year! No better music to wish you all the best in 2019 than this, all the new tech that's emerging now is essentially about stars and going into the unknown with the world that needs change so badly. Amidst all the chaos don't forget that there's a starman waiting in the sky!
Waves team is thrilled to announce a partnership with Wirex, a hybrid personal finance platform that provides crypto wallets linked to physical and virtual Visa debit cards: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/waves-pushes-into-uk-with-wirex-integration-b62d181d2ba8
1,100+ games played, 2,000 WAVES to be donated to a children's hospice! Our Christmas game — Waves’ first MainNet gaming project — formed a major test for the application of Waves smart contracts and Waves Keeper within the gaming industry: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/waves-christmas-game-proves-a-success-c691856b882e
Waves goes to Blockchain Gamer Connects next week! Our Developer Advocate Inal Kardanov will talk about disruption of existing relations between developer and player, which blockchain is bringing to the gaming sector: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/waves-to-take-part-in-blockchain-gamer-connects-eb6dd210398
As the crypto space faces serious regulatory challenges, Tokenomica’s Smart Assets are set to play an increasingly major role. In crypto trading, they could be used to restrict outgoing transactions, thereby ensuring compliance with regulations. Similarly, in Security Token Offerings (STOs), Smart Assets enable issuers to design fully compliant assets with attractive features for investors: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/solving-challenges-with-smart-assets-aee3ab6e1f39
Whoa! WAVES/Fiat pairs are coming to Binance!https://support.binance.com/hc/en-us/articles/360022080831
We’re really excited to announce a relaunch of Waves Labs and a start of a grant program! Our goal is to support promising startups and developers focused on building the decentralised tech that will form the backbone for Web 3.0: https://medium.com/waves-lab/waves-labs-relaunches-with-grant-program-announcement-5ea41aebe1c4To learn more about Waves Grants program and apply, visit https://waveslabs.com/grants.html
New game on Waves smart contracts is out today: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/new-smart-contract-powered-game-launches-on-waves-dda2bc59e19cThe rules are simple:Every time a participant enters the game, the countdown is reset and records a DataTransaction with the address of the last player's wallet on the blockchain.To win, the counter must reach zero — with the last address to enter becoming the winner. If someone else sends a transaction and updates the counter, the previous player is eliminated. Check it out: http://www.multi-pass.club/
Waves’ smart accounts and smart assets are now available to developers on Microsoft Azure Marketplace! Launching your private Waves-based blockchain with non-turing complete smart contracts in integration with Azure cloud is now easy as a pie: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/microsoft-azure-cloud-features-waves-smart-assets-and-smart-accounts-1a71b3c23c2b
Today we’d like to introduce the RIDE Roadmap for 2019, where you can view the major features we’re working on: a RIDE extension for dApps, plus new language improvements and blockchain functionality for developers.https://blog.wavesplatform.com/waves-dapps-roadmap-for-2019-dc481445439c

Snapshot period for Vostok $waves airdrop has started. Check your averaged balance at https://vostok.wavesplatform.com

https://m.imgur.com/a/VWesSEK best gifs ever!
Do you want to ask Waves🔹 team a question? Vote here:👇👇👇https://twitter.com/binance/status/1091638578059202560?s=12
Waves Labs is excited to announce the first 8 recipients of grants under the Waves Grants program! To check out the details: https://medium.com/waves-lab/waves-labs-announces-first-grant-recipients-7568f01fec22To apply for Waves Grants: https://waveslabs.com/grants.html
Check out the Waves January monthly digest - all the most important news from the Waves team in one short video. Development, partnerships, community - it’s all here. Enjoy: https://youtu.be/R91vANywINc
The new version of Waves Keeper is out! Now it’s also available for Microsoft Edge and Opera! The updated Waves Keeper supports batch transaction confirmations and the auto-click protection for an even better user experience. See how it works: https://youtu.be/8Hs0jEe8E3c
BCH(ABC) and BSV gateways will be enabled in Waves Client on 28 February at 23:00 Pacific Time!Prior to this, BCH trading will be paused to take a snapshot of balances on 22 February at 00:00 Pacific Time.After holding the snapshots, BCH holders will receive an equal amount of BSV and can deposit and withdraw coins, and trade them on Waves DEX as before.Explore Waves Blog for more details: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/waves-statement-on-bitcoin-cash-network-split-2906fe8f05f5
Do you have a product implemented on Waves? Or maybe a great idea how to use Waves blockchain? Join #BuildOnWaves competition and win up to 500 WAVES! Learn more about the competition: https://medium.com/waves-lab/waves-labs-launches-1-000-waves-competition-to-encourage-developers-to-share-their-projects-dd0c278c4770
​We're going to release something cool soon! Stay tuned for more info ;)
We’ve got some great news! Today, we’re announcing the launch of the Waves-powered Dice Game from Tradisys, which is better than anything else in the space! All you’ll need is a Waves wallet and Waves Keeper installed in your browser.Place your bet, hit Play, win WAVES prizes and top the leaderboard!Learn more about the game here: https://blog.wavesplatform.com/outstanding-new-dice-game-added-to-waves-ecosystem-1263c93b1cb8