The first provably fair giveaway of 5,000 WAVES is still going on! Come and join in! If you’re interested to learn how the winner will be chosen, you can find details of the algorithm here:
Announcing the first in a series of articles about Vostok’s vision and functionality, by Waves and Vostok founder Sasha Ivanov. We’re bringing open blockchain principles to the traditionally closed world of enterprise technology!
We are pleased to announce the first buyback for Waves Reward Token - our latest incentive programme for Ambassadors and a showcase for Waves' smart asset functionality! 40,000 WRT will be bought for 40,000 WAVES, supporting our amazing Ambassadors! Find out more or apply to be an Ambassador yourself:
Waves 3.0 Birthday Meetup LIVE stream starts less than in one hour! Together with Waves founder Sasha Ivanov, we will discuss digital transformation, the concept of Web 3.0 and many more. Watch the stream here:
According to our Nivaway rules, the winner must respond within 24 hours. Sadly the selected winner has not responded in three days, so we have used the same algorithm to select a new winner! Find out who this lucky person is:
Come along to Waves Meetup in London on 2 May & get inspired by some of the great blockchain projects developing on Waves blockchain! From blockchain powered games, to co-working spaces and even blockchain enabled cars! Gain insight into lessons learnt and get those creative thoughts and conversations going.Join the meetup here:
Random oracles on Waves is one of the use cases, implemented in frames of the Waves Labs grant program. Check out the explanation how the idea was developed in an elegant solution:
Waves Grants program is evolving into a fully-fledged Incubator, with 1 million WAVES set aside to help participants develop and market smart contract solutions and dApps. Technical support and publicity will be provided by Waves, enabling developers to create and popularise the software that will form the backbone of the next generation of web services. To find out more, see:
For about two months, developers and teams have been working on Waves-based solutions under our grant program. Now, the first results are in! Check out the projects that have already been completed:
Check out our report on what happened on Waves birthday meetup, with presentations from key members of the team. Tatiana Tsiguleva talked about the evolution of Waves’ products, Ilya Smagin discussed RIDE for dApps, and we had an update on Waves’ vision for the future from our CEO, Sasha Ivanov, plus Q&A. Most importantly, we chose the winner of our Lada Nivaway! Overall, the event was a massive success and was attended by over 700 people - our best one yet!
We have launched a decentralised community-led token ratings system, using WCT and Waves Keeper to enable users to score different tokens! Ratings are also recorded on the blockchain via DataTransactions, so dApps developers can access a transparent and public rating for any token. Find out more:
In March, Waves released RIDE for dApps, a programming language for developing decentralised applications. On that occasion, we announced a special batch of grants. Now, it’s time to share the winning solutions with you. Check them out:
Reminder that the next Waves community meetup is in London on 2 May. Get inspired by some of the amazing blockchain projects developing on Waves, including BlockchainCars, Tokenomica and Primalbase!Join us here:
You are the people who created Web1 and Web2! Now, Web3 is coming and Waves will provide you with the tools to work your magic again! Let’s start the Web3 revolution together!
KYC is critical for blockchain adoption but currently time-consuming and expensive. Waves’ new partnership with Blockpass will enable fast, low-cost KYC for blockchain businesses and dApps developers - without compromising users’ privacy. Tokenised identity will underpin Web 3.0!
Waves is launching a dApps and Web 3.0 programming course, seeking to equip developers to build the functionality that will power the next-generation web. If you’re a frontend developer, webmaster, full-stack web developer, Indie/Games or iOS/Android developer, we’re interested in hearing from you. JavaScript and Node.js familiarity preferred. To find out more or apply, click here:
Hello Waves community! We have just released the Monthly Digest for April. As you'll know, this is the most important and comprehensive of our regular updates. We've got lots of dev and community news, including the launch of Waves Incubator, the relaunched version of the Waves Community website, and lots of other updates from our Waves team. Check out the video and let us know what you think!
The new Coin Flip game by Tradisys is out on Waves testnet! Help us to test the game and win real mainnet WAVES! 3 winners are determined weekly by the sum of points scored in two games: Coin Flip and Dice Roller. Check out how to play the game and win 300, 200 or 100 real WAVES:
We’re spinning off Waves DEX as a standalone product, focusing on trading tools and removing functionality that only developers use (which will still be available in the IDE). The independent DEX will also have its own community and social media channels. Check out our blog post to find out more about the details and development plans:
'Gorod N', a special app on Vostok platform, will showcase the applicability of blockchain technology in state and municipal governance.Find out the details here: