There is a new way to use your WCTs thanks to a new solution from TrustAmust. Want to learn more about the solution and its benefits for the community? Check out this article:
Find out more about how Waves is going to expand and target the global market. We’re looking to implement a series of new features and updates - including an Enterprise arm, consensus updates, greater mining/leasing revenues, sidechains and ultimately a transition to a whole new architecture!Learn more about Waves Enterprise and its strategy here:

The Q&A has started! Join us!

We’re running a competition to help incentivise more people to run full nodes. The three nodes that increase their leasing stake the most within an eight-week period will receive additional leases of 1 million, 600,000 and 400,000 WAVES – with the expectation they will keep all the revenues from these!Read the full article about the competition here:
We're excited to announce our partnership with Morpheus Labs! The partnership involves working together with the priority to integrate Waves core expertise and technology onto Morpheus Labs’ Blockchain Platform-as-a-Service (BPaaS), and other areas such as public relations, branding, and marketing.It will also help to expand the adoption of both Waves’ and Morpheus Labs’ services on a global scale. Find out more details here:
We’re relaunching the Community Node Programme, so new nodes have a shot at winning the Game of Nodes competition! If you don’t already run your own node, now is the perfect time to start since we’re expecting a significant increase in mining revenues from the autumn. Spin up a new node and start your engines!Find out more details here:
We know that the community has lots of questions about the global plans for Waves, the purpose of Waves Enterprise, and the role of the VST token going forwards. We've published this FAQ to answer as many of these as we can. If you still have questions, please let us know in our official Telegram group.
Waves devs are always eager to creat new tools and solution for our community!Today, we're introducing Paddle, a java library for testing smart contracts on the Waves blockchain.Paddle already allows you to:- automatically download, start and stop docker node before and after test run;- store smart contracts code in separate files;- write test scenario briefly and concisely;- for scenario, specify only important transaction fields;- automatically calculate transaction fees;- check stateChanges for InvokeScript transactions;- check balances, data in account storage and etc.Paddle was created by Maxim Smolyakov, Waves QA engineer.Check out the library's upcoming features and make suggestions on its improvement in the repo below👇Repo: boilerplate with examples for quick start:
Waves Labs is expanding! Ventuary DAO is the first DAO dedicated to supporting promising startups. Check out this article and see how Waves community support can boost your dApp idea creation. Receiving a grant has become easier than ever!
"Waves’ Ride and Libra’s Move are two great examples of languages using blockchain primitives to move the decentralized dApp ecosystem forward to help us achieve Web3.0 (the next generation of how users and applications will interact over the Internet)."
Over 1000 users have already signed up to our Web3.0 coding course! We talked to Christophe Verdot, the founder and lead developer of Signature Chain, on his experience and the acquired coding skills after completing the course. Read the full interview here:
What happened with Waves in the last month? What is Waves Enterprise? What is the Game of Nodes? All major updates for July are gathered in one video. Enjoy!
We are thrilled to announce Item Market! Our new solution targets developers who want to join decentralized gaming. Now you can tokenise, sell and buy somebody’s in-game items in a fast and easy way. Check out this article and find out how Waves is going to change the industry:
Meet the Waves Team at Berlin Blockchain Week, August 18-29! We’ll have a booth on the floor at ETHBerlinZwei, August 21-23, where you can meet the team and learn more about Waves.Plus, Waves CEO Sasha Ivanov will speak at the Web3 Summit on August 18, and Ride Lead Developer Ilya Smagin and Waves Developer Advocate Inal Kardanov will conduct a workshop on Waves dApps at ETHBerlinZwei on August 23. You can even participate in a Waves Hackathon at ETHBerlinZwei, August 23-25! Visit our blog for more info:
Check out the new article on Waves Habr, explaining TLA+ to solve different tasks in programming! Today's puzzle is to catch a cat in an easy and interesting way with TLA, let's do it! 👉
How to generate a random number in a distributed network?🎲🔗We have a solution by the Tradisys team! The solution is already implemented in the following games: Waves Xmas Tree, Dice Roller, Coin Flip and Ride On Waves. Find out all the details👇
WAVES will be available for trading on the Kraken Exchange starting August, 22
We are excited to announce that we’ve added support for ERC-20 tokens on Waves DEX! Now, our exchange will be filled with new tokens of Ethereum ecosystem, that brings customer service to a new level. Find out more:
We are thrilled to announce the fifth batch of projects to be supported under the Waves Grants program. These grants will cover areas such as online games and services, business dApps, ecosystem and community, and tools for infrastructure. Find out more:
Due to the success of the Game of Nodes competition, we have had to adjust the performance rating formula to account for the effect of all the new small nodes! Find out more here (at the bottom of the page)!
Are you sick and tired of blockchain rollbacks while testing new functionality on testnet? Now that we’ve launched the Waves stagenet, this will no longer be an issue! Learn more about our stagenet: