Waves Platform will cooperate with The Abyss to build a blockchain-powered marketplace of tradable goods and in-game items. Find out how users and game developers will benefit from it!
Hey, Waves community! We’ve uploaded a new Monthly Digest, and this time it’s special – we filmed it at the Berlin Blockchain Week. Check out what happened with Waves in August and enjoy the vibe!
Great news! Top Russian private bank Alfa Bank and leading multi-format retailer Х5 Group have launched a Waves Enterprise-based customized solution for distributed treasury and cash management. More details to come soon!
Thanks to a recently unveiled feature, Waves Token Rating has become a more convenient and useful tool for token issuers. Learn more about the new options now available: http://amp.gs/NJVd
Find out more details about the Distributed Treasury and Cash Management (DTCM) service by Waves Enterprise 👇https://cointelegraph.com/news/alfa-bank-launches-bank-as-a-service-platform-on-waves-blockchain
Hey, Waves Community in Tel Aviv! Up for the party? Join our team at the closing ceremony of Tel Aviv Blockchain Week 2019 and spend your evening having fun and networking! Any better plans for Monday? Use code 'WAVES' to get free entry (50 free tickets only)!
Last weekend, we sponsored Diversity.Hack alongside Phystech.Genesis. It is one of the largest and most far-ranging Moscow hackathons. Developers had to implement a user-friendly mobile dApp using the Ride programming language and Waves client libraries. Find out how it went: http://amp.gs/NHdG
With blockchain technology becoming more adopted by new markets, the demand for blockchain developers is skyrocketing! If you're interested in building blockchain-based solutions, this is a must-read for you. The article below explores the core concepts of smart contracts programming and showcases how they're being used👇http://amp.gs/N5k5
Waves team has just come back from Tel Aviv Blockchain Week. Read about this exciting event and Waves’ activities in Tel Aviv: http://amp.gs/N6iK

Hey Zurich! Just a last minute reminder before today's workshop on building smart contracts. Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

We are improving Waves’ economic model. To make it more democratic and sustainable, we’re lifting the limit on issuing new tokens and introducing community-driven decentralized monetary policy governance. Learn more: http://amp.gs/AjNl
Game of Nodes is over! The competition was a huge success, resulting in a significant increase in decentralization and network security. Find out the three winners, who will receive prizes totalling 2 million WAVES in leases: http://amp.gs/ApZw
The Dev Bounty contest on Ventuary DAO is finally over, and we are thrilled to announce the entries that have received grants from Waves Labs! Nine projects with the highest size of donations have collected development grants with a total of value of 9,200 WAVES.Congratulations to the winners of the Dev Bounty and thanks to everyone who donated and left reviews!
Travala, the foremost blockchain-based hotel booking platform, now accepts payments in WAVES! Book your accomodation in 230 countries and enjoy exclusive discounts! For bookings made before 7 October, you'll also get 5% cashback in WAVES.
Waves Grants recipients have been successfully using the grants to develop promising solutions. By now, they have quite a lot to share. Check out their latest news and updates: http://amp.gs/AkaO

Hey Waves Community! Did you have a chance to read the articles on blockchain development we recently shared? Which one did you like the most? Vote for the most informative one below!anonymous poll🔷🌊Top Projects Surfing on the Waves Platform bit.ly/2kRhOSD – 34👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 44%✖️❓I didn't read the articles – 27👍👍👍👍👍👍 35%🔗💻 Modern Blockchain Development: What Should You Know In 2019 (bit.ly/2mqkYNl) – 14👍👍👍 18%👨‍💻🔝As a Blockchain Developer, you Need to Keep Learning to Stay Ahead of the Game bit.ly/2mwMucb – 2▫️ 3%👥 77 people voted so far.

This week, Waves team is heading off to join 'Building the new web' event in Osaka, Japan🇯🇵! Waves Developer Advocate Inal Kardanov will showcase Waves smart contracts and governance. Also, he will respond the related questions during a Q&A session. Save your spot here: http://amp.gs/A4Dg
MRT has been an important part of Waves’ economy for years, but you can’t stand in the way of progress. We’re holding a retirement party for MRT, with games and lotteries with prizes totalling 1 million WAVES in leases available. Come and celebrate the end of an era as we transition to our new, sustainable decentralized monetary policy system!More details here: http://amp.gs/ARjH
Staking on Waves is about to get a lot more profitable! With the introduction of our community driven monetary policy, rewards of 6 WAVES per block will be distributed. Find out more about how you can benefit from mining and leasing your tokens after the new feature is activated on 7 October👇http://amp.gs/ASJy
This article aims to address any concerns about Waves Keeper’s security. How safely is your SEED phrase hidden? What happens when you sign a transaction? Find out more: http://amp.gs/AJ7B
19 September our ambassadors conducted a workshop in Zurich, Switzerland. It was a first-ever fully community-driven event about Web3 coding. Participants learned how to build dApps using Ride. It was really awesome! Check the video report: http://youtube.com/watch?v=Ly2GLU1QQ18

We're going live in 20 minutes! Tune in, should be fun!

Waves Enterprise has created a proof-of-concept for face recognition using blockchain technology. Our permissioned network allows us to use Docker smart contracts, so we can employ a neural network for image recognition and upload the results to the blockchain – enabling us to build a more secure, reliable and decentralized version of an existing system!
Hello, Waves community! We’ve rolled out a special Monthly Digest to tell you everything that happened in September. What makes it special is that our ambassadors are telling the story – so it’s a community-driven digest.
Waves Platform signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Dubai Blockchain Center during GITEX Technology Week 2019. The MoU was signed by Sasha Ivanov, CEO of Waves Platform and Waves Enterprise, and Dr. Marwan Alzarouni, CEO of Dubai Blockchain Center.
9-11 October saw Waves Enterprise partnering with FINOPOLIS 2019, the Russian forum for digital technologies in the finance sector. Find out more about how we participated and how it all went!
Hey Warsaw! We've got your Friday night plans covered! Join our use-case driven workshop on designing smart contracts&dApps on Waves. The event will also include introduction to the Waves ecosystem, meeting Waves devs, and a hands-on coding challenge. RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/Blockchain-Devs-Warsaw/events/265478112/
Are you curious about how Waves block rewards might affect total WAVES supply and inflation over time? The article below explores two scenarios – fixed block rewards, and what happens when rewards increase at the maximum possible rate. You might be surprised to learn what happens over the course of 100 years!More details here: http://amp.gs/qYac