Up to this point, the only node software available for the Waves Platform has been written in the Scala programming language. This is less accessible than other languages, and has a high entry threshold. To make it easier for more developers to understand how the node works, we have implemented an alternative version of the software, written in the Go programming language. See how it works: http://amp.gs/sBZQ
Hello Edinburgh! Next Thursday, we're running a practical workshop on building DeFi products & designing smart contracts in your city! All participants will receive a Web3.0 development certificate saved immutably in the Waves blockchain.Learn more details and book tickets here: eventbrite.co.uk/e/workshop-implementing-web30-dapp-architectures-with-waves-tickets-72368188199
Waves Enterprise v.1.0 sees a number of key improvements. These include measures to increase security to the levels required by enterprises, containerized smart contracts, greater speed, stability and throughput, an updated API and a better UI. Additionally, the total supply of WEST tokens has now been reduced from 1 billion to 400 million.
What’s been happening with Waves in the last month? In this digest, you’ll find out our plans for the ongoing development of the Waves ecosystem, as well as other major news and updates. Check out the video report for October here: https://youtu.be/TbMeecv7EIE
The process of migration from Waves wallet and DEX to Waves.Exchange has begun – make sure you move your accounts so you can enjoy uninterrupted service when the new service launches and the old one is discontinued on December 2! If you have any questions, you can check our FAQ or ask one of the new exchange’s advisors.
In October 2019, we took part in the Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies FINOPOLIS. You can now watch the videos with our participation in the event:- panel discussion on "Blockchain, Cryptoassets, and Digital Currencies: An Oasis or a Mirage?" featuring Alexander Ivanov;- Waves Roundtable оn ‘Cross-Border Banking: How to Solve the Problems of Interoperability?’.
Waves ecosystem gets a new developer tool - waves-dapp.com! It provides auto-generated UI for any dApp on Waves networks (mainnet, testnet, stagenet, and even localhost) supported by Waves Keeper. See more details below!https://medium.com/@ilya.smagin/waves-dapp-com-auto-generated-ui-for-waves-dapps-3f4f6c9109ce
As we continue to explore our vision of the Waves ecosystem’s future, we’re explaining how interoperability between different blockchains could be achieved thanks to interchain bridges.
Sasha Ivanov speaking to CoinDesk on developing Waves Enterprise brand and how it can succeed abroad.https://www.coindesk.com/waves-and-the-tricky-task-of-being-a-russian-crypto-brand
Introducing Neutrino, a new DeFi project that aims to mitigate the volatility of cryptocurrencies. USD-N is a hybrid cryptocurrency-backed and algorithmic stablecoin. The team were supported by Waves Labs incubator and have now launched their working beta. Find out more: http://amp.gs/sHpc
Hey everyone! Over the last three years we have created a comprehensive decentralized ecosystem, packed with amazing tools and features for end users, developers and businesses. We've built not only the infrastructure for Web3 but also many components that anyone else can put together to make dApps and next-generation online services. Best of all, our community has picked up the gauntlet and built some fantastic applications and services themselves! Find out more on our blog: http://amp.gs/swcn

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Starting the Sasha's AMA! Tune in here👇https://youtu.be/xbqcAln0oes
Private blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, Exonum, Corda and others take different approaches to managing private data flow. We explore some of the different options on the market, before explaining how Waves Enterprise goes about addressing this issue - and why we have taken those decisions.
The launch of Waves.Exchange will see a number of useful new features made available for traders, including market orders, support for USDT, optimized client and the Tick Size feature! Read the article here: https://medium.com/@waves.exchange/what-you-can-expect-on-waves-exchange-b6e614096126
If you have FOMO, do not fear! We’re giving away 2 return tickets (within the EU) to join our Christmas Meetup in Berlin✈️!To be in with a chance, join our giveaway in Waves Twitter. Two lucky winners will be announced on Dec 2, 2019. Stay tuned!

Dear traders,Trading operations on Waves Exchange are expected to become available soon, at 1 PM (GMT). Thank you for your patience and understanding, we really appreciate it. Also, we should remind that there's the new Matcher URL now:https://matcher.waves.exchangeWaves.Exchange team hopes you will enjoy trading on our platform and wish you profitable trades!

Congrats to the winners who have won flight tickets to our Christmas meetup! We'll DM you soon with details how to claim your prize. Thank you all for participating and we'll be back with more awesome activities soon!

Decentralized exchange (DEX) Waves DEX shuts down to resume operations as a hybrid exchange.https://cointelegraph.com/news/waves-dex-shuts-down-and-relaunches-as-hybrid-cryptocurrency-exchange
We reveal the mechanics and rules of the games in our Farewell Party for MRT, a sixty-day competition in which MRT holders will be able to win prizes totaling 70,000 WAVES. The competition starts on December 4. Find out more: http://amp.gs/iTCp
Waves Enterprise technologies are designed to be used for resolving various tasks in the real economy. This is confirmed by successful participation of teams using the Waves Enterprise platform in recent hackathons. Mode details
Hey Waves Community! The new event on LIGA is in a full swing! Explore LIGA's recent improvements and see how they look to the 2020/2021 season.