We have big plans for Waves DEX, which will be spun off as a separate company and renamed Waves Exchange. All current components - including blockchain, mobile apps, matcher and gateways – will be unified, creating a hybrid product that will combine the best features of centralized solutions with the security of decentralized ones, also adding new services. Read more on our blog:
Today is the start of Madrid Crypto Week highlighting the latest trends, innovations, and blockchain solutions for FinTech! Our team will be there to help you discover how Waves technologies can benefit your business. Come meet with the Waves team and get ready for a coding challenge💪 👉
Hello Edinburgh! Next Thursday, we're running a practical workshop on building DeFi products & designing smart contracts in your city! All participants will receive a Web3.0 development certificate saved immutably in the Waves blockchain.Learn more details and book tickets here:
In October 2019, we took part in the Forum of Innovative Financial Technologies FINOPOLIS. You can now watch the videos with our participation in the event:- panel discussion on "Blockchain, Cryptoassets, and Digital Currencies: An Oasis or a Mirage?" featuring Alexander Ivanov;- Waves Roundtable оn ‘Cross-Border Banking: How to Solve the Problems of Interoperability?’.
As we continue to explore our vision of the Waves ecosystem’s future, we’re explaining how interoperability between different blockchains could be achieved thanks to interchain bridges.
Private blockchain platforms such as Hyperledger Fabric, Quorum, Exonum, Corda and others take different approaches to managing private data flow. We explore some of the different options on the market, before explaining how Waves Enterprise goes about addressing this issue - and why we have taken those decisions.
At Waves Community Meetup in Berlin on December 11, we presented a new solution that will enable communication between any existing blockchains and dApps. Learn how Gravity Hub can resolve the issues of interoperability and obtaining real-world data:
In case you missed our Christmas meetup in Berlin, head over to our Youtube to see the speakers' keynotes. Learn more on the updates for the Waves Ecosystem in 2020 and get insights into the future of blockchain industry!Watch the videos here.
On December 17, we held Waves Enterprise Conference - a major event focused on blockchain use cases in the corporate environment and the prospects for the technology. Check out the use cases and ideas discussed at the conference on our blog.
2019 Dapp Market Report featuring Waves as a DeFi-friendly blockchain
Waves has been ranked among the Top-5 staking networks by a market cap.
This article is written for developers or anyone who wants to use blockchain benefits on their application. Vladimir Zhuravlev, Waves developer advocate, explains the process of developing an app on the Waves blockchain. Spoiler: it’s simple and fast 👉